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Where we help dog owners do more with their dogs through fun & personalized training programs for the whole family.

Offering Dog & Puppy Training Programs in Berks & Montgomery Counties, Philadelphia PA & surrounding areas.

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The TDS Approach

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We believe that life with our dogs is about more than just obedience (though obedience IS part of the big picture), it's about understanding them, their needs, and getting to do more together.

Every dog is a unique individual and we take the time to focus on where you and your dog need help in order to customize a dog training plan that works for you and your particular lifestyle.


Whether that means you want to head to a cafe or brewery together, hit the trails on the weekends, or just have enjoyable walks around the neighborhood, we're here to help you make that happen!

We recognize that every dog is different and we are well versed in a variety of dog training systems, approaches, ideologies, tools and exercises so that we can best customize our approach for you and your dog. We've found that most families reach out seeking a way to calm the chaos, in one form or another, which is why we developed our TDS dog training approach to help restore balance and harmony to life with your dog. 

Our one-on-one approach to training allows us to truly personalize our training plan for you, your family and your dog. We utilize play, food, boundaries, enrichment, verbal and tactile communication, tools and management strategies to build and improve your overall relationship. Shifting our relationship with our dogs allows us to communicate our wants and needs more clearly and therefore have a more engaged and willing partner in training and in life as a whole. 

Client Testimonials

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Working with TDS has been such a rewarding experience for us and our dog, Maggie. Alyssa offers customized training and support that we didn’t experience with other trainers. We’ve seen huge improvements in Maggie’s reactivity, leash behavior, and overall anxiety since we started. We finally feel like we have the tools that work for us and give Maggie the full and rewarding life she deserves. 

- Maggie & The Perkins Family

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