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Puppy Trainer

Puppy Training Programs

Puppy training is a bit different than dog training, we want to build skills for their young brains that can turn into great habits down the road. Their training should take into consideration their developmental stage & concentrate on setting them up for success as your future adult dog, which is why we created unique programs just for pups under 6 months old (at enrollment). 

We've got in-home lessons for the whole family, 1-on-1 trainer field trips, as well as Stay & Train options for immersive learning. 

Whether you enroll in a program or à la carte learning, we've got the puppy training program to meet your needs! 

Want to get started, or have questions 


Puppy Nipping
Puppy House Training

Puppy Glow Up 



  • 5 In-Home Training Sessions for the whole family 

  • Customized Training Plan & Homework Guides

  • 2 Socialization Outings OR 2 days of puppy day camp - to build confidence, calmness & socialization skills

  • Extensive Resource Packet

  • Email & Text Support for the life of your dog

Great program to get your pup off on the right foot while including socialization & confidence building.  


Stay & Train Programs


Overnight stay with our trainer + lessons with you to transition the learning to your home! 

Great program for while you're away (maybe on vacation?) or if you need someone to kick start your pups training for you! 

Click here to learn more


Puppy Day Camp


Training & Socialization Day Camp Program 

*cohosted with Dana K*

Training centric learning, exploring & confidence building program while you're at work or need a break from puppy life. 

Includes daily photo/video updates

Structured rest breaks

1:1 training session

Confidence building

Structured Play Time


Teenage Tune Up



  • Everything from Puppy Glow Up 


  • 4-day Stay & Train for an immersive training experience where pups train in our home & with our pack to get concentrated learning during the key boundary pushing phase (6-9 months) 

  • Daily Photo & Video Updates to track their progress during their time away

  • Extensive lesson at pick up to transition their skills back to your home 


Lesson Only Packages


Whether single session or multiple lessons as a package, we always offer customized sessions for the entire family to meet you & your dogs specific goals. 

Includes: Custom training plan, resources, email & text support, & dog specific homework (for multi-lesson packages only). 

Single Session: $180

3-Lesson Package: $500

5-Lesson Package: $750

Trainer Sessions


1-on-1 trainer led field trip to local stores, cafes, or parks to socialize, build confidence, or hike & enrich your pups life while setting them up for the future. 

Includes pick-up & drop-off at your home & photo or video updates.

*outings are one-hour including pick up/drop off*    $75

Puppy Training Programs



Puppy Biting



*Payment Plans Available Upon Request*

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